Multitrance Reseller Portal

Welcome to the Multitrance Reseller Portal where you can register to become a reseller of our delicious cannabis edibles. Please complete the registration form below to get access to our wholesale pricing directly in our Online Shop, where you can conveniently place all your reseller orders.

If you are exempt from paying VAT in the European Union (EU) or any country outside the EU, please include your VAT Number in the registration form. If you do not have a VAT Number, please leave this section blank.

We will review your information and notify you within 24 hours once your registration has been confirmed. Once confirmed, you will have access to our wholesale prices directly in our Online Shop after you sign in to your account.

As a first time customer, you’ll receive a 5% discount on all products (excluding accessories) on your first order.

Multitrance reseller price displayed in the online shop
Access reseller prices and order directly from the online shop.

Reseller Terms & Conditions

All prices in our online shop are quoted inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

If you have provided your VAT number in the registration form, you are exempt from paying VAT. After login, prices in the online store will be updated and displayed exclusive of VAT.

If a VAT number is NOT provided in the registration form, 9% VAT for food and 21% VAT for alcohol will apply as normal under Dutch Law and is included in the price displayed in the store.

Reseller prices only apply to bulk items such as Cartons, Trays and Display Containers. Single items (with the exception of CBD Oil and Pipes) do not qualify for the reseller price and are only displayed for comparison purposes.

The Multitrance Reseller Portal is open to shops and merchants worldwide. If you are ordering from outside of the European Union, please check if your country permits you to import our products before placing an order.

If you have already registered as a Customer, you can become a reseller by navigating to My Account and clicking on Become A Reseller.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or require more information about becoming a reseller.


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