BIC Ez Reach Lighters Bob Marley


Bob Marley premium smoking lighter.

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BIC Ez Reach Smoking Lighters – Bob Marley

The BIC® EZ ReachTM is your ultimate lighting companion, designed for every occasion. Compact and pocket-sized with a 3.5 cm wand, it effortlessly reaches tight spots while keeping fingers safe. Whether you’re illuminating candles, firing up the grill, or cozying up by the fireplace, the BIC EZ ReachTM utility lighters in this 20-lighter tray are the ultimate lighting solution for indoors and outdoors. With a one-click ignition system, these high-performance lighters guarantee a consistent flame every time. And for fans of Bob Marley, each lighter in the display box features a unique design inspired by the legendary musician, adding a touch of reggae flair to your lighting experience. Plus, designed to be child-resistant, safety is always a priority.

  • 20 Lighters per Display Carton

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