Cannabis Blueberry Brownie (Strong Sativa Flavour)


A delicious cannabis blueberry brownie infused with strong sativa flavour.

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Multitrance Original Amsterdam – Cannabis Blueberry Haze Brownie (Strong Sativa Flavour)

Introducing our Cannabis Blueberry Brownie, infused with a strong sativa flavour that will leave you craving for more. Delight in the succulent blend of juicy blueberries and premium cannabis, meticulously combined into a delectable brownie. Experience a burst of fruity bliss and invigorating effects with every bite. Elevate your edible adventure with our Cannabis Blueberry Brownie and indulge in a unique fusion of taste and relaxation that will satisfy your cravings and elevate your senses.

> 100% Legal for Consumption in the European Union (EU)
> THC FREE (0% THC) – No Narcotic Effects
> Made in EU
> Content: 100g
> Contains Strong Sativa Flavour
> Ingredients: Sugar, EI, cocoa powder, vegetable, Oil (vegetable oil), Wheat flour, Stabilizer (E422), cranberry, Preservative (E202), blueberries, hemp oil (<1%), vanilla.

Additional information

Pieces per Carton

24 Pieces


European Union

Shelf Life

5 Months


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